Quick fix guides

With any piece of tech something always goes wrong, these are complex pieces of equipment with many parts which communicate with each other, everything works behind the scenes so more chances for something to go wrong. Here in this guide I talk through basic things that can go wrong with your tech and quick fixes that most of the time can get you back up and running in no time.

System running slow?

Over time systems will always end up running slower than they were brand new. Most of the time this is resolved by doing the following quick software fixes:


closing any unused apps.

UN-installing programs you no longer use,

clearing your cache,

deleting unwanted files.

Removing bloatware which serves no practical purpose,

updating anti-virus

making sure your operating system is updated to latest version.

Hardware fixes can include:

Adding more ram

Imaging your existing HDD and transferring the image to a SSD, or do a clean install on your new SSD

upgrade the CPU, and if your on a desktop you can also upgrade the GPU.

remove any bottlenecks in your system motherboard configuration and/or other hardware limitations to improve performance.

If your ever stuck with a problem with your device, then please give us a call and we would be happy to help!

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